12-14 MAY, 2016


The inaugural Bim Literary Festival and Book Fair took place in May 2012. The festival’s theme was “Words Need Love Too,” a sentiment borrowed from a poem by Barbados’ best-known poet, Kamau Brathwaithe.

Organized by Writers Ink Inc.(which I enjoyed being a member of when I lived in Barbados), a collective of Barbados’ leading novelists and poets, that first festival featured Caribbean literary giants: Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, Alba Prize winner George Lamming and Giller Award winners Austin “Tom” Clarke and Lorna Goodison. Kamau Brathwaite was also represented. Among the renowned local writers who participated were Linda M.Deane, Margaret Gill, Anthony Kellman, Karen Lord, Philip Nanton, Esther Phillips, and Robert Edison Sandiford.

This year’s events cater to wide a range of ages and demographics while proudly pivoting itself on celebrations surrounding Barbados’ fiftieth year of Independence: Bim Lit Fest. 2016 Program

Paule Marshall, a celebrated American writer of Barbadian parentage,  will receive a Lifetime Achievement award presented by the Prime Minister. The Bridgetown Literary Tour will also be expanded to include locations relevant to Independence: The Parliament Buildings, Government Headquarters and the Garrison Savannah, among others.

The aim of any literary festival is to engage people with reading, writing and literature. The Bim Lit Fest gives writers and readers, editors and agents, that all too rare opportunity to get together, lime (Caribbean slang meaning to hang out/chill), and interact one-on-one.

For Further Info: Bim Lit Fest.

M. Jason Welch

(with excerpts from info provided by BIM Literary Festival organizers)