‘Going Beyond’ is a short Film which, according to writer/ director Damien Pinder ‘explores the rising issue of child custody deprivation and the psychological effects it can have on both child and deprived parent, when in this situation an estranged wife denies her husband the right to speak to or see their son…’

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The film which won Best Editing at the 2014 Barbados Visual Media Awards was Pinder’s Capstone thesis for his BFA in Creative Arts. ‘The idea for the film came about because I wanted to do something that was topical in Barbados, which had an appeal that can resonate beyond geographical locations; and I felt as if this was something that continues to be an issue globally.’

Filmmaker Damien Pinder

‘Going Beyond’ featuring Clish Gittens, Rotchell Gibbons and Kyei Hope will be featured at the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival 2015 making it the only film produced in Barbados to do so.