Beyond Publishing is a Publishing and Media Production outlet based in Barbados. I recently had the opportunity to chat with one of its member and creators Delvin Howell about ‘Beyond Publishing and his comic series ‘Offset’- 

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Tell me about Beyond Publishing – who is involved? How and when did the company come about? 

Beyond Publishing is a group of young and talented Barbadian artists and writers who seek to encourage reading and creativity by capturing the imagination of young people and the young at heart. We started back in 2010, when a bunch of creators with likeminded goals and ideas came together for the Animekon Expo Barbados. Some of us already had comics finished, others had awesome ideas that were soon to be developed and we thought it best to join up under one banner and pool our resources.We try to showcase stories with a Barbadian or Caribbean flavor, through various genres and media such as action, adventure, drama, comedy, educational etc. We are also looking to get into the realm of animation in the future.

Since 2010 we have released 7 titles, had 11 books in print and have released 3 new titles, with more to come.

The members include:

Myself (Delvin Howell –Offset)offset cover logo final

Alan Lynch (Life and Death in Paradise, Hardears)

Matthew Clarke (Heart Man, Hardears, Life and Death in Paradise)

Tristan Roach (Spirit Bear, Offset)

Aguinaldo Belgrave (The Rook –in development)

Julian Moseley (Omnitans –in development)

Jason Haynes (Antibody – in development)

Alexandre Haynes (Rob –the Robot Boy).


What’s ‘Offset’ all about and where did the idea originate? 

Offset is an urban fantasy, action story surrounding Kyle Harding and his family. After the death of his mother, the island of Bimshire (an alternate version of Barbados) became a dangerous place for Kyle Harding. Kyle spent most of his life living in fear but it was only after a brutal encounter with a Shaggy Bear (ragged spirits that stalk the night) that Kyle realizes his life and the lives of those dear to him might be in peril as well. This then leads Kyle down a treacherous path to an underground society, where violence and magic collide. Offset is aimed for ages 13 and up, and for fans of Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Bleach, and Samurai Champloo, but set in a present day Barbados.

chapter 1 page 7- final - 1 chapter 1 page 24-flat-s

I originally came up with the idea while in school back in 2006, and since then it blossomed.

What’s the best way for folks interested in ‘Offset’ and other ‘Beyond Publishing’ work to keep up with you guys?We recently launched our website: , where we have frequent updates, content and previews surrounding our books and the creators behind them. Beyond Publishing is our Facebook page and you can also follow Offset on Facebook.

How are the books being received so far?  We had a successful launch of the three titles Offset, Hardears and Rob – The Robot Boy, at the fourth Animekon Expo in Barbados in August. The books have been well received as people are responding to the cultural references in each of our stories, and the high quality art, storytelling and print of the books.

We are making plans to move our books digitally via Indy Planet, Amazon and ComixologyClick this link to Buy ‘Offset’ on IndyPlanet

Our aim is to grow as a sustainable comic book industry in Barbados and the Caribbean featuring characters which relate to us and our readers.

Offset_Issue#1_004 Offset_Issue#1_022_023 pic of me


*Up next – A feature on Alexandre Haynes and his series ‘Rob the Robot Boy’