Quality film produced in the Caribbean by Caribbean filmmakers is an anomaly. The collaborative, New Caribbean Cinema featuring ‘Better Mus Come’ ( a modern Caribbean classic set in the unrest of 1970’s Jamaica and streaming on Netflix) director Storm Saulter have something to say about that, combining their varied artisitic visions and expertise to produce the feature ‘Ring Di Alarm’.


Caribbean natives are hungry to see viable images which fully express their complexity on the big screen. These islands are a ripe cinematic territory which abound with fascinating untold stories. You won’t get explosions or careening cars from outerspace that transform into robots (well, not likely!) but you will get heart, fresh characters and beautiful vibrant images that reflect the gorgeous landscapes and yes…most importantly…STORY. What moviegoer doesn’t long for a solid, original story? With the Barbadian film Payday, Saulter’s Better Mus Come and Caribbean directors like Lisa Harewood and Kareem Mortimer doing notable work,  ‘Ring Di Alarm’ is definitely a step in the right direction towards getting more Caribbean stories told cinematically.

The collaborative also features St. Lucian Born Michelle Serieux, Joel Burke, Nile Saulter, Michael “Ras Tingle” Tingling and Kyle Chin.

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