Rivenis also known as Andrew Blackman is a self taught artist originally from London, England now working in Barbados. From a young age he was inspired by the visual and surrealistic nature of dreams and seeks to project them into the conscious world using the tools at his disposal. Besides being a prolific illustrator Rivenis is also a skilled writer and merges his two talents to create Graphic novels. His current work is the independently published Diskordia. Click  here to read the beautifully illustrated Diskordia.


(From the artist) “…I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to cover printing costs for a sexy hardcover book which will be collecting all issues released up to this point as volume 1 (Issues 1-9) this will be a huge 330 page tome. Of course this won’t be possible without your help. Contribute what you can or spread the word wherever you can think of and we can make this happen together. Of course you won’t be donating for nothing. You can pre-order the book and unlock other cool rewards exclusive to this campaign.”

Diskordia Indiegogo Campaign

He has also illustrated Bobby Fischer: The Knight who killed the Kings; a graphic novel written and Created by Xenios Theocharous.Bobby_Fischer_Graphic_Novel_Cover

His work has appeared in several online and printed publications including Ballistic media’s acclaimed Exotique and Expose series as well as the 2013 art book  ’Gothic Art’ by Flame tree publishing. He has also been exhibited in several galleries and shows including  The Bottleneck Gallery 2012 and The Damned VI show in Detroit at the Tangent gallery in Detroit 2013 as a specially invited guest.

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