The Oscars are over. Yay! It is easy  to get lost in the sea of identity. Although it has been a deeply held childhood dream to appear on the Oscar stage I sometimes want to say ‘Fuck the Oscars!’ Why expend time hoping that ‘minority’ actors and filmmakers are accepted into a bourgoeise boys club that favors dominant image memes? Why not create a new mythology for me, my kids and the ones who come after and not compare it to anyone elses ideologies but just allow it exist on it’s own – in the beauty of it’s own creation.  Measuring up to someone elses standard of perfection and acclaim is not success.

This film ‘The Stuart Hall Project’ and it’s ideas on identity, memory and migration are potent. It encapsulates Hall’s landmark contribution to the topic of identity and cultural studies which is further poetically expanded by filmmaker Akomfrah through the use of the music of Miles Davis (of which Hall was a huge fan), the exploration of memory through archival footage with Hall, and newsreel and photograpy spanning the last seven decades.  Through my field of study it is impossible not to come into contact with Hall’s work but this gave me a deep and touching understanding of the man and his struggle, his passion, his colossal intelligence, his humanity and his groundbreaking ideologies on…identity. Never static, always changing, growing, expanding….

The film is currently streaming on the BFI for a nominal fee. Click here to view: ‘Stuart Hall Project’ /BFI Stream

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