Caribbean Book Review: Anton Nimblett’s ‘SECTIONS OF AN ORANGE’

Repeating Islands

Anton Nimblett is yet to etch his name onto the annals of legendary Caribbean writers: VS Naipauls, Samuel Selvon, George Lamming, and others luminaries. But, “all in good time,” as Dr Glenville Ashby
 writes in this review for The Caribbean Book Review. Follow the ink below for the original report.

And time is on Nimblett’s side – no doubt. Still young, he has already published some exhaling work, especially his contribution to the ground breaking anthology, “Our Caribbean: A Gathering of Lesbian and Gay Writing from the Antilles.”

Nimblett continues his signature style in Sections of an Orange, an artsy rendition of life’s vicissitudes. It is crafty and deliberate; cagey, but liberating. He is a classicist, really, a traditionalist who bows to the loftiness of creative writing, and quite comfortable in his element.

In “Time and Tide,” his artistry is undeniable. He writes: “…I hear different sections of the…

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