Writer and director Erick Msumanje, is an award-winning filmmaker and the 2012 recipient of the John H. Johnson Princess Grace Award Grant for film making.  His recent work includes a short film called ‘The Devil’s House’ , which is about a mysterious young man who takes a journey clouded in blurred memory, displacement, and trauma. It was awarded Five College  Best Documentary 2013 and featured at Salem International Documentary Festival.  Secondly, ‘The Journey’ examines fear, racism, and violence from the perspective of a little boy in search of something that could potentially change himself and those around him.  ‘My Mother’s Songs’, his most recent film has been screened at Historic Northampton Film Series .
“Filming in Tanzania has always been my number one goal,” Msumanje said. “(The scholarship) gives me an opportunity to go back to the world I called home, where I took my first steps, where my father took me to see my first film.”  [excerpt from My Mother’s Songs website] 

My Mother’s Songs, is set in a particular part of the African landscape that examines inter-generational trauma. This theme is connected to Africa’s history of brutal colonialism, shattered dreams from independence, and chronic poverty. The film depicts a collection of traumatic experiences through the eyes of several young women desperately trying to make sense of their existence in a world where the lines of life and death are blurred. 

Trailer # 1.

Trailer #2.

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