The film, ‘ A Band Called Death’ and its protagonists the Hackney Brothers and the unusual circusmtances surrounding their band ‘Death’ have both been widely discussed, shared and reviewed by mainstream and underground media alike – RogerEbert.com , The New York Times , Rotten Tomatoes , Amoeba Music  and the Huffington Post (Where you can download a free version of “Politicians in My Eyes” – recorded in 1974 but really sounding like it broke a week ago and as relevant).

The story, though, is truly touching and amazing. The film is an inspiring tale of talent, patience, courage, love, family, music and…well: life & death.  Having recently lost someone very near and dear to me and feeling like I had to learn to start living all over again, the film aided in my healing and in making me realise that what we concern ourselves with and get caught up in really is just a ‘pitstop’ on a much larger journey and there is so much more around us, beyond us and inside us than we are willing to behold.

Recorded in 1975, the recently released album ‘For The Whole World To See’ is as groundbreaking and refreshing, rocking and visionary as anything you will here in this year or the next coming from 3 black kids in Motown era Detroit 36 years ago.


In 2012 ‘Death’ released a new track ‘Relief’ which you can purchase here along with ‘For the Whole World To See’Buy ‘Death’ Music

You can learn more about the band, support and sign up for email alerts here:  Official Website: DeathfromDetroit

You can also purchase music, learn about the band and stream the film via the film’s official website: Draft House Films: A Band Called Death

Mark Jason Welch