I wear white women for status and power.
Nate Hill, founder of Trophy Scarves
The 36 year old native New York artist’s latest project utilises images of himself dressed in tuxedo, sometimes with a cigar hanging from his mouth or a smiling selfie in a thin mirror – always with the geek/cool glasses carrying lithe, nude Caucasian women draped over his shoulders like exotic scarves.
The artist, seeking to make a poignant social commentary on the meaning or the lack thereof of racial posturing and gender biases is drawing quite a bit of attention to himself and is being socially pummeled by fame-hungry pleasure seekers eager to be part of the ‘fuck you’ social enigma….if only for the spiked social capital hanging over his shoulders with (or without) your drawers on could bring to a young woman in a big city. Or to just say you done it. Like seeing the Statue of Liberty or going to Soho. 
While incendiary, the work raises necessary dialogue on the ongoing taboos engrained in our DNA surrounding race, gender, sexuality and POWER and what that all means in the Social Media mind blown world we inhabit. Indeed, the very nature of the idea of POWER and those who wield and how it is perceived by those who feel they do not it is being questioned by Mr.Hill…and rightfully so. So Yeah, we’ll go with ART!