The recently concluded Ventana Sur is a Latin American film market created in November 2009 by INCAA and the Marché du Film/Festival de Cannes with the support of MEDIA.

After five successful editions, Ventana Sur has indisputably become the main Latin American Film Market. Each year, it receives 1,800 accredited members, among whom there are more than 300 buyers and sellers from across the five continents.

A modern infrastructure with over 40 individual stalls located in a quiet and comfortable area of the market, enables buyers to watch the most recent Argentinean and Latin American productions included in the video library. During the market, there are 8 theatres available where films are screened daily, offering potential buyers the chance to watch them on the big screen. At the end of each day, the distributors of those films receive the list of accredited delegates who attend the screening.

 The market also includes the presence of distribution companies, large areas where buyers and sellers can hold business meetings, several conference rooms where talks and conferences of particular interest to the international film industry members can take place, as well as specific activities for producers and buyer. 

Blood Window 

 It has taken more than a few years for the European, Asian and the United State Film markets to discover the emerging global force of film makers in the genre of Horror in the latin American Continent. This year at Ventana Sur, Blood Window – a showcase of Horror Films made a strong showing, demonstrating an undeniable growth within the storytelling in this genre.  


In the past , governments in Latin America supported you as a filmmaker but, with their investment, they functioned as a part of the studio, dictating what mesages filmmakers should portray. But with emerging filmmakers, new ideas and the possibilities of low-cost production everything is changing.

 Javier Fernandez at Buenos Aires’ Incaa, which co-organizes Ventana Sur with the Cannes Festival’s Film Market, likens the rise in Latin American genre to what happened in South Korea a little more than a decade ago, and more recently Spain.

Below are two films, featured at Blood Window 2013:



‘Black Sea / Mar Negro’

Dir. Rodrigo Aragão,

 Mar Negro (“Black Sea”) is a 2013 Brazilian horror film written and directed by Rodrigo Aragão, the former director of A Noite do Chupacabras and  Mud Zombies. The film is currently touring the worldwide festival circuit.

A strange contamination strikes a fisherman’s village. When fish and shellfish become evil creatures that transmit death and destruction, the lonely Albino risks his soul for the love of his life, in a desperate fight for survival.



‘The Innocents / Los inocentes’

Dir. Mauricio Brunetti

It’s a story about slavery and horror, produce in 2013. After 15 years of absence, when Rodrigo returns to the house where he was born, the ways of his abusive father, the illness of his mother and the mistakes from the past chase after him and Bianca, his beautiful wife. Eloísa, a young slave brought from Africa, comes back from the dead and chooses Bianca as her means to avenge the deaths of all innocents inflicted in that land.


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