What does it mean to be African and living in the United States?

ALW is currently requesting written monologues from people of African descent in America to be filmed for Black History Month 2014. African Like We: An American Experience (ALW) seeks to raise awareness of the nuances in the African community by showcasing a range of its perspectives in monologue form.From the personal to political, dramatic to the comedic, ALW will solicit, select, film and air fourteen (14) different monologues from various writers across the country, which will be performed by professional actors.  


Upon its completion, one videologue will be released every other day of Black History Month 2014, beginning on February 2. Viewers can watch the monologues on this site, Youtube, and other social media to be announced.

We hope to edutain viewers about the context and continuity of being of African descent in today’s America by giving voice to the plurality of its experiences. Please join us in lending your words, perspective, and network to support this community education project.