PASSAGE ,written and directed by Bahamian film maker Kareem Mortimer tells the story of a twenty year old Haitian woman Sandrine and her brother Etienne en route from Haiti to the United States crammed with other migrants in the bowels of a fishing boat called ‘the live or die ship’ (so called because when a passenger gets sick he or she is thrown overboard).  When the younger brother of the 20 year old protagonist becomes ill she tries everything in her power to conceal the boy’s condition, thereby ensuring his safety and passage to the United States.


Mortimer has always held an interest in what happens during the Haitian migration to the Bahamas then further into the US.    As  a boy, he witnessed the bodies of migrants floating dead in the waters of his native Bahamas.  Upon investigation he found out that the bodies were laid to rest in a mass grave without documentation.  He has always wondered who those people were, what were their stories and how they met such fate?  This provided the inspiration for his film.

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