CitySugarr gives a warm welcome to Latin American cinema casting a continued vision and dedication to the art of cinema and visual storytelling. Today we present the 8th annual film festival Hola Mexico Film Festival in Australia 2013 


View The Festival Trailer here:
This festival presents a range of shorts, feature length films and documentaries which express the creativity and realities of the Latin American life style.
One of the films featured at the festival is NOSOTROS LOS NOBLES, (WE ARE THE NOBLES) directed Gaz Alazraki

CAST: Gonzalo Vega, Karla Souza, Luis Gerardo Ménd

When successful construction Mogul, Herman Noble realizes his children are spoiled beyond redemption, he stages the company bankruptcy and seizure of all their assets. And tricks them into believing they are fugitives from the law. He moves them into their grandfather’s dilapidated home in a poor neighborhood and makes them do something none of them have ever done before… work.

Nosotros Los Nobles Trailer (with English Subtitles):