Based in Montreal, Taiwanese Alex Zhang Hungtai goes by the stage name ‘Dirty Beaches’. The music is sexy, grimy, unsettling,  introspective, dark and creative, definitely not for everyone – kind of like the inside of my head – which is why I latched onto these guys immediately. It is original and dirty and unusual and fun. Their new album is called ‘Drifters/ Love is The Devil’ and I have had it on repeat from the moment I got it. The video, ‘Casino Lisboa’ features great unfiltered footage of Taiwanese nightlife. And that bassline…..:

Another good find is Cody Chesnutt ‘Landing On A Hundred’. The video for the track ’til I Met Thee’ is directed by indie filmmaker, music video and film director and artist Terence Nance:

The brother is an independent artist. The album is warm, solid, earthy and unpretentious. A rarity these days.

Also in heavy rotation on the playlist at the moment is the Brit, James Blake. Blake employs a sonic landscape similar to Radiohead & he admits that, and while he is not in the realm of Radiohead genius just yet – he is getting close – constantly haunting & ethereal and focused on evoking an emotion in his songwriting which is usually sadness, beauty, & fragility. And a guest appearance from RZA. Yay!! The music resonates with experience making it hard to believe that Blake is only 24. This video for ‘Overgown’ was directed by Nabil whose worked with ‘Ye and a few other artists. It borrows from Bergman’s ‘Seventh Seal’ but still, it is beyond dope: