I was recently watching a documentary on legendary photographer and filmmaker Paul Strand called ‘Under The Dark Cloth’. Pretty dope. When queried on his art and images Strand responded ‘The first thing that you need to do is have something to say about the world.’ Have something to say about the world. Seems like a simple enough statement but one which seperates the hobbyist from the artist, determined to leave their footprint and make quality, successful art.

Every bone in your body will always tell you that it is a bad idea:- to pursue the things you love to do and expect to make money, far less a good comfortable living at it.

No Bueno.

Won’t happen.

Who are you kidding?

But that’s where you decide if you have something to say about the world or not, if you’re going to go the extra hundreds of  miles to make sure that your philosophy is distinctly communicated or if it will just stay in scribbled up notebooks locked away in drawers or in melodies in your head no one will ever get to hum along to.

I believe that every artist has something to say but whether they have the perception of value to consider it worthwhile or not well…that’s a whole other ‘nother thing. Maybe they like keeping paintings under their beds and notebooks in their drawers. No judgement – to each his own. But personally? I’m gonna go with prosperity, abundance and fulfillment on this one. Have something to say, say it loud as you can…the rest will fall into place.

But what do I know. Here’s what Neil Gaiman had to say about this at a recent commencement speech