About to dig into some studying for Cinematography and I stumbled across this video from the album ‘Amorica‘ by the Black Crowes.

I remember not eating lunch for a week to save up to buy that album which at the time in Barbados cost $17 USD!!! For the Cassette!!!! That was the deal though. You didn’t eat  – music came first. That’s where the allowance went and on the liquor to wash it down with and the gas to take us wherever our hearts led. On a weekend me and the boys would buy bottles of rum and sneak them into parties so we could make our own drinks in a dark corner of the dance hall to prevent us having to buy anything from the bar. Up to this day even smelling white rum makes me wince. Ewh!!

But back to Amorica. I don’t know how many times I stared at that album cover completely enamored by the raw sexuality and artistry of the photograph.

Now, looking at this video for ‘Wiser Time’ there is a real sweet sweetness to it. How a rock band from the midwest had so much influence on a boy from Barbados is a testament to the power of music to transcend all boundaries. Music  has often  lifted me up, held me to its chest and illuminated even the dimmest of circumstances. The Crowes were unstoppable in their hey day for showmanship and songwriting. Check out the Southern Harmony and Musical Companion as well as Amorica. As solid a pair of rock albums as there ever will be.

Time passes by indeed but I don’t feel much different now from when I was sixteen. I’m still inventingand reinventing myself, following my dreams, on the hustle, uncertain sometimes, certain at others….It’s the way life goes. Regardless of what you and I have been led to believe there is no static here and now that defines maturity and where you should be at any given time. The only thing you really and truly have is this moment. This NOW. Everything else is a shot in the dark. But capitalising on the now? Ahhhh…that’s the tricky part.

There is a buddhist saying – ‘Do not speak unless it improves on silence’. Recently, I really hurt someone with my words by digging into their life when I thought I was helping them. I should have kept my mouth shut. No bueno Jason, no bueno. I’m a writer and words are a fairly formidable weapon in my arsenal – so yeah, I need to shut up more and listen more. I feel like alot of the discomfort in the world comes from ‘us’ losing the ability to generally listen and empathise with each other. And if you can’t relate on a level with the people you come into contact with and improve the quality of their life  by their interaction with you, why are you here again, squandering your moments?

Wiser for the time right?

Today I inwardly confirmed a devotion to spread peace and love and leave the world a better place than I found it; to embrace and understand…to push through and apply the extra effort it takes to be a human being worthy of this experience. That requires absolute honesty and the ability to treat yourself like your dearest and closest friend.

Once you excel at that, everything else falls into place. Or at least it should.

According to Chris Robinson and the Crowes:

If you feel like a riot, don’t you deny it…put your good foot forward


All the negative images and bullshit in the media would have you believe that human life is falling apart. It is not – the anxiety that breeds is a form of control. Turn your back on it. Everything is just fine – in this moment.
Lastly – here is a great skit from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel – ‘Movie: the Movie’. Just in case you missed it.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

m j w